Spectacular Smith: Contemporary Leader and Social Media Guru

Over the past decade, social media marketing has grown from an overlooked niche tactic to one of the most influential digital marketing techniques used today. Initially, the social media marketing frenzy began as a method, which was mostly limited to B2C companies to later becoming the most utilized tool employed by every type of organization, regardless of its stature, or background. The significant growth in its popularity has been particularly noteworthy of late. The role of social media marketing has expanded beyond lead generation and brand awareness. Some of the core objectives of social marketing have shifted, with a subsequent emphasis on customer experience, needing much of the change. Realizing this true potential of social media marketing, Spectacular Smith started Adwizar in 2014.

Contemporary Leader and Social Media Gur

Spectacular Smith, Founder and CEO of Adwizar, is an entertainer at the core, thus he understands the importance of social media advertising. He started dancing at an early age of 11 and took the love of performing to the R&B and hip-hop group with his brothers, Pretty Ricky. He contributed with them musically and also choreographed the group’s stage performances as they signed a deal with Atlantic Records. This led the group to huge worldwide success; filling arenas on the Scream IV tour, selling millions of singles and albums, and earning huge hits with “Grind With Me,” and “Your Body.” Intrigued by the business possibilities of social media, he turned Pretty Ricky’s Facebook page into his personal laboratory, testing out his theories behind social networks for a full year until he had a new, unbreakable system of gaining and monetizing followers. He turned those ideas into Adwizar, the dominant social media brand in the urban music space.
Adwizar runs the Facebook pages of artists such as Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Master P, Birdman, and countless others. The company has now grown beyond urban music to dealing with major brands and corporations, athletes, merchandising deals, and more. The company was also featured in Forbes for its innovative methods on how to monetize and grow social media following and is growing exponentially. They are helping as many people as possible to discover their gifts and getting them out to the masses. They provide their clients with a way to tell their story to the world that is going to resonate with their target audience. The company also assists their clients with monetizing their brand in ways they never thought was possible.
Adwizar’s team is very close-knit. Everyone in the team tries to be the best as they can. No one is settling for just good instead they want to push themselves to be as perfect as possible. They leave no one behind because of their philosophy that goes, “We are only as strong as our weakest link”. They push each other to become the best at what they do. At the end of the day, they work as a team and not a single employee is left stuck in a situation. This has immensely helped the company to get to the top at such a pace that no one else could.

Leveraging the Full Potential of Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a vastly misunderstood part of the advertising industry. A large part of its potential still remains untapped. Adwizar is tapping into that potential by helping the raw talent of the industry, reach the peak of their fame and stay there for a long time. Without the necessary help, these newbie’s cannot survive the harsh nature of the industry. To help them, a significant amount of training is required. Thus, the company started their own online course, Adwizar Academy. This academy has some of the top mentors and most successful peers in the industry, people making up to eight figures a year in their businesses, teaching and breaking down their secrets to success. These mentors have showcased how anyone can achieve success as they have achieved. This type of unique mentorship helps people increase their net worth using proven strategies for starting a business, growing social media, marketing their business to seven figures, and much more.

Things Setting the Company Apart from the Herd

The most important thing that truly sets the company apart from others is the fact that they truly care about their clients regardless of the money. Their policy is not about how much money they can take, but how much they can make for the client. They aim at giving more value than the amount of money clients are paying them. The differentiating factor that makes them stand out is the fact that they focus solely on their client’s success, delivering what exactly they’ve planned for, and help as many people in their program as possible. Thus, most of the rising stars and even the established ones are choosing Adwizar for their social media needs.


Imminent Plans for the Bright Future

In the next decade, Adwizar is planning on becoming the go-to company to teach about anything online and how to run a successful business the right way. These plans include sales, social media, and self-marketing skills to make the client as successful as possible. The simplicity in the process lets anyone learn how to be a thought leader in their space. They are also planning on doing this in the hopes that someone with a great story and a great product will be able to come in, learn advanced business tactics, and become one of the top businesses, personalities, or public figures in their niche.

Admonitions for the Young Leaders

Spectacular expresses that to get at the top; one must make sure to educate themselves as much as possible. No one is going to hand out everything on a silver platter. He proposes to make use of every portal available, to gain knowledge and not to be lazy in doing so. And moreover, applying that gained knowledge without waiting for the chances is the key to success. Going the extra mile and putting 100 percent in the work paves the way for getting to the top. But while doing so, getting a perfect mentor and a person to shadow is also important. That’s where Adwizar comes into the picture, helping their clients reach their goals.