Stiff upper lip for entrepreneur and investor Courtney Jordan

Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan, is putting action to the belief, you can't let anything stand in your way, when Building Your Dreams. Even cancer can’t stop the drive of this ambitious innovator.

Thanks to focus, hard work and commitment, Courtney Jordan has built a career from the ground, up from the selling of an app that has culminated into a cross -industry and cross nation portfolio. Including one of britain's largest hosting and domain providers Host Rite

When Courtney recognised that the cut the cord movement was taking off, and the digital tv revolution was starting with few playing in that space yet. It was a clear opportunity. Having spoken to the American Southern Business Review about the hardships he has undergone after taking ill. He speaks about being put on life support, the betrayal of those around him and losing control of his physical and mental state. Jordan’s refusal to give in and give up is truly an inspiration to us all.

Courtney Jordan Entrepreneur before cancer
His push has led to the first broadcast of the newly rebranded “The Odyssey Channel” for those not located in the regional broadcast area of the Raleigh-Durham NC, USA. You can still “Live the Journey” with “TheOdyssey Channel” online or in 2019 on Pluto and DIRECTV Now. All accomplishments Jordan says without his current team would be even harder.

Courtney Jordan Entrepreneur battles late stages of cancer

Courtney Jordan and Mary Bassey [photo taken from instagram]

As his battle rages on and undergoing radiation treatments. Reaching out over phone, we were connected to Mandee Woodard who conferenced us in with Courtney. He left us with these words on his health and “Living the Journey”.

Though I have not found complete peace, I am further along. It took me a long time to get here, and I’ve loved every step of the journey. I’ve had to get through the mental and physical pain, various projects, various approaches — this was a long road of hard work and long hours. It didn’t just happen or come easily. It’s taken real dedication. I’ve loved every second of it though — even the tougher situations and constraints. I believe you need to go through everything and experience every position and step in your purpose to really understand it and appreciate what you have. Everything is a learning opportunity, you just need to grab it with both hands.