Akshay Ruparelia


(19), Doorsteps.co.uk

Net Worth: £16 million
In just over a year Ruparelia’s firm has already been valued at £12 million and he has sold £100 million worth of homes. The 19-year-old is now one of Britain’s youngest millionaires. Doorsteps.co.uk began when Ruparelia, a young carer, was introduced to the real estate world where he felt commission fees were unfair. Hence, after being inspired by Ryanair’s founder, he set up his own real estate agency which cuts out commission fees and charges just £99 for its services. Despite his success, Ruparelia only pays himself £1,000 a month because he says he’s ‘in it for the long-run’.

The 19-year-old who also happens to be a millionaire estate agent, having started the now 14th largest estate agency in the UK
 Akshay Ruparelia
Company: Doorsteps.co.uk
Age: 19
Website: Doorsteps.co.uk
Students will go through a lot studying for their A-levels, but one thing they don’t often do is set up a multi-million-pound business – but that’s exactly what Akshay Ruparelia did.
A millionaire property tycoon at just 19 years of age, the young entrepreneur’s online estate agent Doorsteps.co.uk aims to revolutionise the “archaic and backwards” UK housing market by offering a 97% discount on home-selling.
The child of two deaf parents who he acts as a carer for, Ruparelia experienced moving house as a youngster and was shocked at the levels of commission estate agents were charging for what he saw as a simple task.
Officially launching Doorsteps.co.uk in December 2016 having developed the concept during the second year of his A-levels, the online and offline agency operates with a hybrid model, embracing the use of modern technology.
Previously described in the press as the “Uber of the property world”, Doorsteps.co.uk hires self-employed ‘local property consultants’ proportionate to the number of properties it has to sell at any given time.
A process that cuts overheads massively, it also allows buyers to take more control of the process and involvement, including hosting viewings, which tend to be a massive cost burden on traditional agents.
Charging only £99 upfront, there is no commission on the sale of any properties made via the site; with Ruparelia selling his first home – a five-bedroom detached house with a swimming pool – during the middle of his exams.
Without a driving license at the time, he had to get a spin from his sister’s boyfriend to visit the property.
Having planned to attend either Oxford or UCL, Ruparelia deferred entry to pursue his business, a decision that appears to be paying off.
Now valued at £12m after just one and a half years in business, Doorsteps is already the 14thlargest estate agency in the UK.
While it’s undeniably an extremely competitive marketplace, Ruparelia’s start-up – rated in the top five for customer service – has already grabbed 0.5% of the UK market (£0.5bn).
And don’t be surprised if his reach keeps widening.