How did Instagram help Emily Weiss?

Emily is a visionary entrepreneur. Having worked as a fashion assistant at Vogue (we’re guessing she’s a style icon too… urgh she is too fantastic), and running a popular beauty blog called ‘Into The Gloss’ (which she started in 2010), Emily knew a thing or two about a) beauty brands and b) aesthetics. In 2011, Emily quit her day job. And she had quite a bit of time on her hands.
How did she spend a lot of that time? The same way anyone would – scrolling through Instagram. Day after day. Endlessly. But forget what you heard, cos Emily proved that it’s not a waste of time. In fact, it was Instagram that gave her the inspiration to start her own beauty brand, Glossier.
How did Instagram help her to create such a successful business? Well, she came up with something ingenious: why not use Instagram and the internet to create a social media driven beauty brand? So Emily sat down with an illustrator for a LONG time, and came up with an intricate and downright beaut design for the sticker that went on top of the product. It was designed so that people would Insta it. AND THEY DID. If you don’t believe us, check out the hashtag #Glossier!
Basically, Emily Weiss is a creative genius who’s beauty product has waiting lists of tens of thousands, and whose followers will also pay $60 for a sweatshirt with the Glossier name on it. Move over, CLARINS.
So Emily, evidently, is so fanciable that it kind of hurts, and she’s PERFECT for our Woman Crush Wednesday this week, if not our every day crush, every week. P.S. Plz teach us how to be like you.